A Few Words About Us

Who Are We?

Uyogaplus is the agribusiness Cooperative enterprise which is established and recognized as a major mushroom supplier in Tanzania, with the aim of becoming the leading company that competes favorably with other mushroom business in Tanzania and also in the whole of Africa. We intend to this by hiring the best professionals in the industry so as to build the perfect business structure

A Few Words About

Our Team

Meet our team which consist of highly qualified professionals from various fields, all aimed at one goal.

Joel Tito Bisoma

Founder - CEO

Bathsheba Steven Mchuza


Elidard E. Mbwiliza

Farm Manager

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Our Vision

Our vision is to build a business brand which will become the lead choice agri-business brand in Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to feed Africa through professional, reliable and trusted services

Our Core Values

“We treat customers the way we would want to be treated.” (a). Never let profit center conflicts get in the way of doing what is right for the customer. (b). Give customers a good, fair deal. Great customer relationships take time. Do not try to maximize short-term profits at the expense of building those enduring relationships. (c). Always look for ways to make it easier to do business with us. (d). Communicate daily with your customers. If they are talking to you, they can’t be talking to a competitor (e). Don’t forget to say thank you.

Our Slogan

You are what you eat.