Uyogaplus is the agribusiness enterprise which is established and recognized as a major mushroom supplier in Tanzania, with the aim of becoming the leading company that competes favorably with other mushroom business in Tanzania and also in the whole of Africa. We intend to this by hiring the best professionals in the industry so as to build the perfect business structure.

Due to the fact that mushrooms are edible products, we intend to ensure that our mushrooms are grown in conducive and hygienic environment. We are also growing mushrooms organically as we intend to ensure that our mushrooms pack a high dose of nutrition.

Because we know how important our employees are to the growth of Uyogaplus, we intend to ensure that we create a conducive environment for them to work and also provide welfare packages that are aimed to make sure that their productivity rate is increased.

Because the demand for mushrooms is increasing as more people are recognizing its important, we intend to create people centered mushroom businesses. In people centered business, people play a great role in mushroom production under the surveillance of Uyogaplus expertise. We intend to ensure increased mushroom production rate through mass training and education services about mushroom cultivation to people, whoever is interested to invest in mushroom cultivation joins the group of Uyogaplus Mushroom farmers, this will help to recruit many people investing in mushroom cultivation thus will lead to increased mushroom production rate enough to reach the market demand.

Uyogaplus role to its mushroom farmers is to be middle men of the farmers to the mushroom markets. It is the responsibility of the Sales and Marketing Manager of the Company to search and maintain the existing mushroom markets.

Proficient uses of the internet to intensify awareness about our business, the products and the services we offer, are part of the sustainable practices that is obtainable.

Uyogaplus was founded by   Joel Tito Bisoma and Frederick Lukule, both has a Bachelor of degree in science general and started growing mushrooms as a hobby before turning it into a business. Thanks to the University of Dar es salaam College of Natural and Applied Science (CoNAS) for advancing their knowledge and skills about mushroom cultivation through Entrepreneurship in Microbiology course taught by Prof. Amelia Kajumulo Kivaisi. Their bringing in, their wealth of experience into the business.